Warming Experience

Deep Tissue Relief with a Warming Bush Bath,
an invigorating and healing soak in our outdoor tub that will increase circulation and help soothe sore muscles with Essential Pimento and Ginger Oil and herbs. Followed by the Warming Pimento and Ginger Deep Tissue massage with heated Rice Bag therapy inspired by herbal massage techniques in Thailand.
Once the body is soothed let us replenish your skin with an Anti–Aging OSEA facial using the finest Antioxidants such as Red Wine and Pomegranate as medicine for the skin. Finally enjoy a Reflexology session with Natural Coconut Shea butter.

Cooling Experience

Balance the days of sun and sea with a Cooling Bush Bath.
This soak is created to hydrate, heal and replenish your skin using Peppermint and Sweet Orange essential oils and Hibiscus flowers. A Cooling Ocean Massage with Swedish aromatherapy of eucalyptus and aloe will cool and replenish the skin. Once the body is soothed a surge of hydration will leave your skin glowing as we wrap you in our own Aloe Vera Body Wrap and your skin is nourished with a Sea Mineral infused OSEA Facial using Gigartania Algae from Patagonia.

Purifying Experience

Elements of the Ocean create the perfect harmony
with a Sea Salt scrub to exfoliate dry skin and prepare you for a Purifying Bush Bath. Soak in Jamaican Lemongrass known as a healing antioxidant while surrounded by natural Cerasee herbs. Once you have rejuvenated and softened the skin enjoy a Hot Stone Massage with Lemongrass and Wild Lime Coconut oil known to strengthen the immune system. As you have reached a point of complete cleansing we then offer you a detoxifying Reflexology session, which will serve a boost of circulation to the organs and leave you feeling completely renewed from within.

3 Hours US$350 per person, exclusive of tax and service charge

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