Golden Eye
Kids play in the lagoon
Golden Eye

Kids Activities

Families with children of all ages are
welcome at GoldenEye! There are
more than 30 acres of gardens, woods,
lagoons, caves and beaches for them
to explore. Note: For after dinner fun,
there is a huge selection of DVDs in the
front office. Kids love watching
the James Bond movies over and over
(and over) again.

Adventure by Sea
Our trained lifeguards and skilled instructors will supervise your child’s experience, teaching them water safety, snorkeling, and kayaking.

Coconut Carving with Ramsey
A project children adore – from finding the right coconut on the beach to having a souvenir from a trip they will never forget.

Art Classes with Tukula Ntama
Well known local artist and conservationist, Tukula Ntama, teaches how to paint Mosaics, Collages, and Fabric Printing. She is responsible for all of the beautiful driftwood creations that surround GoldenEye.

Jewelry and Doll Making with Mama Orah
Orah El is a master potter, jewelry maker, painter and Yoga teacher, but her greatest passion is working with children to inspire and empower them through the arts.