I am born and raised in Jamaica deeply rooted to this land and my people. Our country is raw, beautiful, untamable, and we Jamaicans are its heart and soul. As a small but vibrantly powerful island, Jamaica has so much it brings to the world. Our culture, music and food. Our musicians, athletes, designers, artists, writers and poets. Our land: rich, bountiful and diverse. So many of you who visit connect with our unique spirit that harmonious combination of mysticism, hospitality and well-being that washes through you and takes hold for life. It’s just pure Jamaican good vibes.

Marika Kessler, CEO Island Outpost

We are immensely proud of commissioning and working alongside Assouline on this snapshot of Jamaica; the people, the places and the personality that makes us unique.

This national pride is reflected in the music, dance, cuisine and literature that originated in Jamaica but has since influenced people across the globe. The legacy of Bob Marley is intricately linked with the image of Jamaica, leaving an indelible mark on the country and the world. For novelist Ian Fleming, Jamaica was his creative incubator. At his home, GoldenEye, Fleming crafted one of the most well-known characters in the world, James Bond.

Whether you’re born and raised on the island, or just on a vacation, Jamaica’s influence is undeniable. Chris Blackwell, our founder and founder of Island Records, has also contributed a foreword to Jamaica Vibes, presenting an intimate, insider portrait of our vibrant island nation and its mesmerizing power.

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Island Outpost

Now, the most stylish Caribbean nation has inspired Assouline’s newest title, Jamaica Vibes, written by Lisa Lovatt-Smith and Novia McDonald Whyte, with a foreword by our own Island Outpost founder Chris Blackwell. The book, launching in August 2023, is part of Assouline’s iconic Travel Series and retails for $105.

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