From swimming and snorkeling to paddle-boarding and kayaking, there’s no shortage of trips and activities to take during your stay at GoldenEye. You don’t want to miss Firefly, the house that Noel Coward built. Go in the late afternoon—to see the island’s most majestic views and plan to stay for sunset (with a cocktail, of course).

Low Cay is the main beach at GoldenEye—500 smooth, sandy feet of beach shaped like a croissant. It’s so wide and sprawling, it can sometimes feel like its own private, deserted island. While Button Beach—our rustic beach that’s home to a bar shack—is as adorable as its name implies. Our water sports guides, helpers and instructors are trained lifeguards and skilled sailors. They will assist with beach towels, kayaks and glass-bottom boats. If you’re into swimming with the fishes, head to Snorkeler’s Cove—that’s where you can grab a snorkel and fins before exploring one of the many coral reefs close by.


GoldenEye’s varied shoreline lends itself to exploration by kayak. Depart from Wata Sport Beach.


The fast growing sport of stand-up paddle boarding is a wonderful way to enjoy our lagoon, Oracabessa Bay and the open sea beyond.


Learn how to sail with our certified Wata Sports team at Button Beach. Navigate the Caribbean Sea on one of GoldenEye’s Sun Fish or Hobie Cat sailboats.


The warm, clear GoldenEye waters are surrounded by extensive coral gardens. Equipment is complimentary. Check out a GoldenEye fish guide from Wata Sports before you depart.


The best pool at GoldenEye is the Lagoon: think of it as a 250-meter pool! Part seawater and part fresh spring water, the Lagoon is always warm, always clear and almost always completely tranquil. It’s ideal for either splashing around or swimming laps.

Additionally, there are fresh-water swimming pools at the Bizot Bar and at Shabeen. The GoldenEye salt water splash pool (yes, it’s shaped like an eye) is at the very tip where Low Cay Beach extends to the sea.


Blue and White Marlin, Barracuda, Sailfish, Spearfish and Wahoo are the kind of fish you would be going after on a Deep Sea Fishing excursion. Available vessels are the 38foot speed/ power boat “For Your Eyes Only”, and “Whaler One”, the 33foot sport and fishing boat. Water and Red Stripe beers are provided, and a picnic can be arranged upon request. 48-hour advance booking required.


The Blue Mountains are one of the world’s most mystical landscapes. More than just where Jamaica’s famous coffee comes from, the Blue Mountains are home to Strawberry Hill, another jewel in the crown of the Island Outpost hotels. At 3,100 feet above sea level, to spend a night or two in the Blue Mountains is to experience a Jamaica you never knew existed. To find out more about staying at two Island Outpost hotels during one trip to Jamaica, we suggest you see our Two Post Outpost invitation.


Michael Caine, Kate Moss, Quincy Jones and Johnny Depp have all planted trees at GoldenEye. You can, too, by making a donation of USD$1,000.00 to the Oracabessa Foundation, which works with the town of Oracabessa on sustainable, local development.


GoldenEye’s tennis court is floodlit and is available day and night on a first come, first served, fair share arrangement.


Have we missed something? Perhaps an activity you’d love to try? Just let us know, and guest services will arrange it for you.

Firefly has the most stunning view in the Caribbean. The property’s magical legacy spans centuries and has been both sacred and strategic, prized by all who have lived there—from the island’s indigenous people, the Taino, to the notorious pirate-turned-governor Sir Henry Morgan.

In 1948, celebrated playwright Noël Coward acquired the property, and it stands today as Coward designed it: a modest, modern house with grand history and stunning views. At Firefly, Coward entertained glamorous personalities from movie stars to literary greats and even Britain’s Queen Mum, who famously stopped in for lunch on her 1965 trip to Jamaica.

Firefly is a 15-minute drive from GoldenEye. It is the ideal location for large parties or weddings, as well as a relaxing afternoon picnic. Plan to stay for sunset, when the bright pink, dusky blue and deep gold light converge in the sky.

Guest Services will arrange your visit to Firefly.

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