GoldenEye is not an ordinary hotel, but a collection of private villas, cottages and beach huts. Each is set amid tropical gardens, private beaches and secluded coves—a Jamaica home away from home. GoldenEye is a place. A mindset. A far-reaching myth in the collective imagination. And yet, GoldenEye couldn’t exist anywhere in the world—except, of course, exactly where it is…

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Artists and writers. Spies and seducers. Their stories are as much a part of this place as the ancient tangle of vines and trees that have made GoldenEye a jungle garden of incredible diversity.


Beach Villas

Each of our spacious and private standalone villas is set in a verdant garden of native greenery and sits directly on the beach or lagoon. Ann Hodges, the noted Jamaican architect, designed every villa with the best of relaxed, barefoot living in mind—hardwood floors, high ceilings, cool linens and oversized furniture. An outdoor shower in each villa’s lush and secluded garden enhances the sights, smells and sounds of nature. The full kitchen and outdoor table make dining al fresco an added part of the villa experience.


Lagoon Cottages

Calm and inviting, therapeutic and soothing, the lagoon is the beating heart of GoldenEye. Guests who love to start, and end, each day with a swim adore the direct water access each Lagoon Cottage offers. It’s wonderful to lie in bed, listening to the soft sound of the water splashing against the side of your cottage’s private dock. Or, relax on the veranda, taking in the heady scent of the lush landscaping and foliage that surround each cottage. And, for more ambitious moments, each cottage comes with its own Kayak for exploring the Lagoon and beyond.


Beach Huts

Enhancing the sexy beach vibe and seductive night sounds of the tropics, each freestanding hut has been designed to promote indoor-outdoor living. High ceilings and oversized, louvered windows maximize cross-ventilation from ocean breezes while the elevated design of the hut offers stunning views. Interior wet rooms, open-air dune rooms and private outdoor showers are just some of the additional options available. Nestled between Snorkeler’s Cove, rustic Button Beach and nearby Shabeen… there’s a whole new world to explore in the land that belongs to our Beach Huts.


I-tal means food that’s local and natural fresh from the sea and the tree. Jamaican dining gets its avor from the wisdom of I-tal cuisine. Local specialties fill our menu along with seasonal produce grown at Pantrepant Farm.


The Gazebo

Overlooking both Low Cay Beach and the Lagoon, the Gazebo is an open-air perch where you can sip a GoldenEye cocktail while watching a fiery Caribbean sunset. Dinner dishes range from local surf and turf to favorite Jamaican specialties served with an international wine list.


Bizot Bar

On the western arm of Low Cay Beach, Bizot Bar is the spot for stylish low-key dining. Just steps from the pool and sea, the restaurant- bar serves up a fresh mix of salads, burgers, pastas and Jamaican faves beginning with breakfast.



Right next to Snorkeler’s Cove and a whimsically-designed freshwater pool, Shabeen is the relaxed hangout for cocktails and drinks. Grab a Red Stripe and wander upstairs to the rooftop lounge. Get comfy on the couches and take in a panoramic view of the sea.


Bamboo Bar on Button Beach

Very simple, very special —this is our super laidback rum bar right on rustic Button Beach. With sand underfoot, enjoy the smoky flavors of Jamaican Jerk BBQ along with grilled fish straight from the sea. As soon as their boats pull in, local fisherman bring by their freshest catch.


Playful adventures in the waves. Bumpy rides up the hill to Firefly. Paddleboarding at sunrise. A midnight dip in the GoldenEye Lagoon. Rituals are meant to be repeated, but experiences are never the same.


Pools & Beaches

Reverie and reflection, feeling and flow-water has its way of dissolving hard edges while stirring the spirit to life. Low Cay is the main beach at GoldenEye. With 500 feet of white sand, it’s so wide and sprawling, it can sometimes feel like its own private deserted island while Button Beach—the rustic strip of sand home to our very own rum bar—is as adorable as its name implies. Our water sports guides, helpers and instructors are trained lifeguards and skilled sailors. They will assist with beach towels, kayaks and glass-bottom boats. Or grab a snorkel and fins at Snorkeler’s Cove to explore one of the many coral reefs closeby.



There’s a certain type of person who’s inspired by to the GoldenEye community. Whether from the US, Europe, South American or Africa, they’re energized when making meaningful connections through shared interests in the arts, entertainment or wellness. Sometimes these connections take place on the water. Other times, on an off-road trip to an unexpected spot. In so many cases, though, these connections happen when people participate in the things we have going on. And there’s always something going on at GoldenEye or locally, in the town or Oracabessa Bay.



Experience the most stunning view in Jamaica at Firefly, a vacation home-turned-museum with a storied legacy. Prized by all who have lived there—from the island’s indigenous people, the Taino, to the notorious pirate-turned-governor Sir Henry Morgan—the property is most well- known for its connection to celebrated playwright Noël Coward who acquired the estate in 1948. At the modest modern house Coward designed, he entertained glamorous personalities from movie stars to literary greats and even Britain’s Queen Mum, who famously stopped in for lunch on her 1965 trip to Jamaica.


The FieldSpa—its philosophy and treatments—are grounded in the moist, island earth and incorporate its healing waters. Pure Jamaican in rhythm and tempo, FieldSpa opens a window to our island ways. The plant-based powers of our treatments cultivate a soothing and improved sense of centeredness while promoting a feeling of calm.


Fieldspa at GoldenEye

Located in a cottage on the edge of the lagoon, with private open-air treatment huts, guests find FieldSpa intensely restorative. From the cozy setting nestled in the bush to the earthy scent of spices hanging in the air, the connection to the surrounding natural environment imparts a deep sense of calm. Many of the botanical elixirs and essential oils we use are made on site, drawing on traditional Jamaican recipes and drawing the healing powers of flowers, roots, leaves and herbs grown at our farm, Pantrepant.



Massages, soaks, scrubs, and baths are just some of our sensual treatments promoting holistic wellness and rejuvenation. Homegrown remedies like pimento and ginger, peppermint and rosemary, and lemongrass and wild lime, revitalize the mind and body. Our treatments soothe sore muscles, invigorate the soul, replenish your skin, and increase circulation. Please, have a look at our menu. We’re happy to suggest which experiences can best help you recharge—physically and emotionally.


Jamaica Vibes

We are immensely proud of commissioning and working alongside Assouline on this snapshot of Jamaica; the people, the places and the personality that makes us unique.

This national pride is reflected in the music, dance, cuisine and literature that originated in Jamaica but has since influenced people across the globe. The legacy of Bob Marley is intricately linked with the image of Jamaica, leaving an indelible mark on the country and the world. For novelist Ian Fleming, Jamaica was his creative incubator. At his home, GoldenEye, Fleming crafted one of the most well-known characters in the world, James Bond.

Whether you’re born and raised on the island, or just on a vacation, Jamaica’s influence is undeniable. Chris Blackwell, our founder and founder of Island Records, has also contributed a foreword to Jamaica Vibes, presenting an intimate, insider portrait of our vibrant island nation and its mesmerizing power.

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