The trees. The plants. The water. The warmth of the wood. The cool, smooth surface of stone. Guests find the natural vibe at the FieldSpa—located in a cottage on the edge of the GoldenEye Lagoon—intensely restorative. It could be the cozy setting of our treatment rooms, nestled in the bush and open-to-the-air. It could be the earthy scent of spices, hanging in the air. We think it’s because the FieldSpa is a natural fit with its environment— and that’s what imparts a deep sense of calm. Massage, meditation, salt scrubs, herbal wraps and facials are among the treatments we’re known for. Many of the botanical elixirs and essential oils we use are made at the FieldSpa, drawing on traditional Jamaican recipes and the healing powers of owers, roots, leaves and herbs grown at our farm, Pantrepant. Please, have a look at our menu of treatments. We’re happy to suggest which can best help you recharge— physically and emotionally.

Warming Experience

Deep Tissue Relief with a Warming Bush Bath
An invigorating and healing soak in our outdoor tub that will increase circulation and help soothe sore muscles with essential pimento and ginger oil and herbs. Followed by the warming pimento and ginger deep tissue massage with heated rice bag therapy inspired by herbal massage techniques in Thailand. Once the body is soothed let us replenish your skin with an Anti–Aging OSEA facial using the finest antioxidants such as red wine and pomegranate as medicine for the skin. Finally enjoy a reflexology session with natural coconut shea butter.

Cooling Experience

Balance the days of sun and sea with a Cooling Bush Bath
This soak is created to hydrate, heal and replenish your skin using peppermint and sweet orange essential oils and hibiscus flowers. A cooling ocean massage with Swedish aromatherapy of eucalyptus and aloe will cool and replenish the skin. Once the body is soothed a surge of hydration will leave your skin glowing as we wrap you in our own aloe vera body wrap and your skin is nourished with a sea mineral infused OSEA facial using gigartania algae from Patagonia.

Purifying Experience

Elements of the Ocean create the perfect harmony
With a sea salt scrub to exfoliate dry skin and prepare you for a purifying bush bath, soak in Jamaican lemongrass known as a healing antioxidant while surrounded by natural Cerasee herbs. Once you have rejuvenated and softened the skin enjoy a hot stone massage with lemongrass and wild lime coconut oil known to strengthen the immune system. As you have reached a point of complete cleansing we then offer you a detoxifying reflexology session, which will serve a boost of circulation to the organs and leave you feeling completely renewed from within.
180 minutes $350

Yoga with Orah

Children’s Private Neti Yoga Class
This dynamic Neti Yoga class introduces young students to Egyptian Dance forms, tradi- tional Asana and Pranayama. Children are encouraged to use their strength, focus, balance, imagination and flexibility – while engaging all their senses during this rhythmic flow. Each class ends with a guided relaxation and meditation, followed by a vibrational healing ‘sound bath’ using Tibetan Singing Bowls.
(1-2) CHILDREN – 60 MINUTES / $85 (extra children $10 each)

Neti Yoga with Orah

Neti Yoga has re-emerged, in modern times as an exotic fusion of ancient Scared Egyptian Temple Dance combined with traditional Asana to create a dynamic flow. Pranayama and electromagnetic grounding are infused into this healing heart-opening practice that regen- erates and rejuvenates all of the body systems. Each class ends with a guided relaxation and meditation, followed by vibrational healing ‘sound bath’ using Tibetan Singing Bowls.
*Neti Yoga can be modified for all levels.
1 hour at $120 for up to 2 people and $30 per additional guest.
75 mins at $150 for up to 2 people and $35 per additional guest.
90 mins at $180 for up to 2 people and $40 per additional guest.
Classes beyond 6 persons will be by special arrangement

*Complimentary sunset yoga is offered for all on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. *Complimentary kids yoga is offered on Saturdays (30 min). Please register in advance.

Introduction to Meditation

This class introduces students to several unique styles of meditation, to find the ‘best fit’ for one’s individual mind’s focus. The student will have the opportunity to delve into, practice and connect to each style until they feel confident enough to begin their own personal meditation practice. Meditation has been proven to have many health benefits in every level of our being – physical, emotional and mental. If you have ever wondered about meditation, this is your opportunity to explore new horizons.
60 minutes – $85

Fitness with Nico at Playscape

Fat Burning Cardio HIIT + Dynamic Total Body Strength Training
Fat burning HIIT exercises and strength training supersets come together to create a chal- lenging workout that takes your fitness to the next level. Cool down with a stretching ses- sion designed to relax the muscles and joints. Classes take place at Playscape – our natural outdoor playground.

Kick Boxing Mix-Up

Kickboxing infused with elements of weight training both traditional and non-traditional. Using smooth rocks and logs of different sizes for weights to bring in a full holistic ex- perience that connects you with the environment you are training in. Cool down with a stretching session designed to relax the muscles and joints.
60 minute @ $130 per person

60 minutes @ $195 for 2 persons
60 minutes @  $230 for 3 persons
60 minutes @  $260. for 4 persons

* A Government Tax & Service Charge will be added to your bill for all treatments

  • We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. If you are unable to make your appointment or wish to reschedule, please provide 4 hours notice to accommodate your request.
  • Guests will be charged 50% of the total cost if service is cancelled within 4 hours of the scheduled treatment.
  • FieldSpa is an environment of peace and relaxation. Please respect spa guests’ privacy and serenity by turning off all phones/cameras to help us maintain a tranquil atmosphere.
  • FieldSpa is open 10am-6pm. Special bookings can be requested outside of regular hours with a 20% surcharge.
  • In room FieldSpa treatments are available upon request and incur a 20% surcharge.
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