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The trees. The plants. The water. The warmth of the wood. The cool, smooth surface of stone.

Guests find the natural vibe at the FieldSpa—located in a cottage on the edge of the GoldenEye Lagoon—intensely restorative.

It could be the cozy setting of our treatment rooms, nestled in the bush and open-to-the-air. It could be the scent of earthy spices, hanging in the air. We think it’s because the FieldSpa is a natural fit with its environment—and that’s what imparts a deep sense of calm.

Massage, meditation, salt scrubs, herbal wraps and facials are among the treatments we’re known for. Many of the botanical elixirs and essential oils we use are made at the FieldSpa. Each draws on traditional Jamaican recipes and the healing powers of flowers, roots, leaves and herbs grown at our farm, Pantrepant.

Please, have a look at our menu of treatments.
We’re happy to suggest which can best help you recharge— physically and emotionally.

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